Thursday, 26 September 2013

The end of Term Three 2013

Well as Term 3 draws to a close it is time we reflected on our amazing achievements from throughout the term.

  • We have got going with the envirogroup and meet weekly to get out hands dirty and make a difference. 
  • We have dug up and spread compost. 
  • We have sown seeds and planted seedlings for the edible garden
  • We have replanted the herb/flower garden outside te Motu. 
  • We have planted skink friendly plants in the skink garden. 
  • We have made native species art with Margaret Tolland from Pataka
  • We have made anti-rubbish posters and put them up around the community.
  • We have shared our ideas with Mayer Nick Leggett
  • We have played at least 198 games of the Cloak of Protection
  • We have made awesome worm boxes for selling our worms in 
  • We have picked up rubbish around the school
  • We have participated in a community clean up
  • We have shown 83 students from St Francis Xavier what it is like to be an Enviro School.
  • We have made anti graffitti advertisements for the Fair Go Advertisement Competition.
  • We have made plans for next term and beyond
  • And most importantly we have worked together.
We really need to thank Gay Hay, Cath and Mariane for helping out every Thursday and for working so wonderfully with the envirogroup children. Also thank you to Peter Gilberd from Trees for Survival for donating his time, plants and knowledge in the skink garden. Thank you to Mayer Nick Leggett and Bill Inge from PCC for their support with the posters and the community clean up. 

Roll on Term 4....What will we achieve?

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